Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)

As part of the pre-enrolment process, all applicants to the college will need to undertake an English language and literacy and numeracy test. This is referred to as an LLN test. It is free of cost and is conducted online with the ACER LLN test. It helps use identify your level of LLN skill to be able to appropriately support you as well as assist in the selection of your course and the level of study that is most appropriate for you. In order to be admitted into one of the college courses, you will need to pass the LLN test. The LLN test applies to all students whether applying for admission directly through the college or via a marketing agent. This is a pre-requisite prior to enrolment in any of our courses. There may also be a need for further LLN testing during the course, though is unlikely. The college provides LLN support as well as academic support to all its students.

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