The organisational goal of The One International College is to provide a high standard of Vocational Education tuition to students in a unique and excellent learning environment and assist students in their personal and intellectual development with our ethical action in accordance with all codes of practice.


“Educating for Career Success”

The mission of The One International College is to be a leading academic institute in Australia by providing students with high quality education designed to meet their vocational goals in an efficient, professional, compliant and safe learning environment.


“Transforming Lives through Learning”

The One International College believes in the transfer of knowledge and skills and therefore our vision is to assist all our students in developing themselves both personally and vocationally. The One International College believes in a holistic approach to education. It offers students from all over the world the opportunity to develop their potential in an educational environment that is warm, friendly, exciting and multicultural and free from discrimination and harassment.

Australia’s diverse population and strong educational tradition make it particularly suited to international education and The One International College intends to continue to be a significant contributor to Australia’s continuing role as a regional leader in education.


The One International College undertakes to act at all times in an ethical manner. All activities of The One International College are carried out honestly, fairly, accurately to give value to our clients. High standards of financial probity, marketing and advertising integrity are always maintained. Program delivery benefits clients through high standards of education and training, up to date methods, quality materials and expert staff.

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Our educational programs are based on the transfer of knowledge and skills to the people who want professional careers

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